Friday, 15 May 2015

It is not a cult.

1.  People are free to come and leave at anytime.

Cults usually make sure that members have a hard time leaving.

2. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is mostly free, without hidden charges. Attending a program to learn Sahaja Yoga is completely free, at all times. Going to seminars and other Sahaja Yoga events costs money, but only to cover the costs of the event and accommodations.

Cults usually cost large amounts of money to get their religious or spiritual experience.

3. People in Sahaja Yoga Meditation are not forced to do anything, in fact. They can choose who they want to marry, where to go to school, who to be friends with, what to wear, and what to do in all spheres of life.

Cults usually restrict one's freedom.

4. In Sahaja Yoga Meditation, you really get into a meditative state that aids you in your life. Despite it being free, the experience of learning to do Sahaja Yoga Meditation truly works. There is a great book on the science behind it:

Cults usually mesmerize people into thinking a certain way and make they pay large sums of money for that thinking.

5. The leader of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Shri Mataji, has said clearly that we must be our own teachers and masters, and has told that what she says is not so important, but our own personal experience is. In fact, Shri Mataji has said many contrasting things, but in the light of specific circumstances, knowledge changes. We are taught in Sahaja Yoga to use our discretion and see what is what right to us in the moment.

Cults usually have a "my way or the highway" philosophy.

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